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TonCut is used for cutting optimization of flat materials (2D), such as: glass, wood, stone, metal, aluminum, plexiglass, cardboard, etc.

The fastest, most efficient and easiest to use application for cutting optimization.

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What does TonCut do?

TonCut is an application for cutting optimization of flat materials such as: glass, wood, board, stone, brass, aluminum, plexiglas, cardboard, etc.

This application allows to significantly reduce the waste during the cutting optimization. Depending on the size of sheets and pieces and their amount you can get waste of 1 to 10% of surface area of the sheet. Practice shows that it gives a saving of about 10% when compared to traditional methods.

Cost and material saving

By optimal placement of pieces on sheets our application allows to reduce waste and thereby reduce the cost of materials, labor costs, prices and increase competitiveness of your business.

Organization of work

In order to achieve even better results orders can be grouped and the optimization can be performed in the office. The manufacturing facility can just receive printouts or files with the exact location of cutting sheets.

Main advantages of the application

Time saving

Program is much faster than a human being.

Material saving

Thanks to unique optimization solutions this application can place pieces on sheets to make the waste as small as possible.

Work simplification

Just enter the pieces to cut out and press the Start button.


To start using TonCut you do not need to read the manual, or participate in expensive and time-consuming training.

Direct contact with customers

The developers maintain regular contact with customers and build the program according to their suggestions and wishes.

Cutting optimization

Since 1997 when Super Glazier (the precursor of TonCut) emerged, this application has been equipped with six optimization algorithms. Depending on your requirements and needs, you can use any combination of these algorithms to receive optimal results.

Thanks to suggestions of our customers over the years we were able to choose such configuration possibilities to satisfy all TonCut users.

Multiple optimization methods

The program has six cutting optimization methods. You can freely choose which methods are to be used in order to obtain results that will satisfy you. Application can automatically switch on/off some methods that are necessary/unnecessary at the moment. Thanks to this optimization is usually quick and effective.

Multiple optimization profiles

TonCut can optimize by multiple optimization profiles simultaneously. This allows to avoid situations, where first sheets are filled in 99% and others produce huge waste.

You can use the default search profiles, or create your own.

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