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TonCut is used for cutting optimization of flat materials (2D), such as: glass, wood, stone, metal, aluminum, plexiglass, cardboard, etc.

The fastest, most efficient and easiest to use application for cutting optimization.

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History of the TonCut

  • TonCut 7 -

    08/31/2018 05:56:34 AM
    • We have improved the formula for assessing solutions so that it takes into account not only the size of waste, but also recyclable waste and area of used sheets.
    • Label printing - labels are drawn even if they do not fit on the page.
    • We have added dimensions of sheet below its preview.
  • TonCut 7 -

    08/01/2018 04:52:49 AM
    • Fixed a compiler error that could cause the program to crash on computers with more computing power and/or more processor cores.
    • Assignment of sheet margins has been fixed. The left/top/right/bottom orientation now refers to the position of the sheet in which the length is horizontal and the width is vertical.
    • Margin control on data import from CSV files was added.
    • Fixed an error that may have caused some dimensions of the main cuts to be missing on printouts.

    WARNING: margins assignment change applies to the Bottero 352-BCC and Schneider Electric NUM 1020 plugins. Please update them to the latest versions.

  • TonCut 7 -

    05/29/2018 09:50:44 AM
    • Minor modifications for compliance with GDPR.
    • Various minor fixes.
  • TonCut 7 -

    05/21/2018 08:04:00 AM
    • Add-in for Microsoft Excel for quick data export directly to TonCut.
    • CSV import - support for banding has been added.
    • CSV import - added option to create new materials at the import stage.
    • CSV import - default separator has been changed from a semicolon to a comma.
    • DXF export - fixed wrong piece identifiers on description layer.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the program to run very slowly if there were a lot of items on the list of pieces or sheets.
    • Fixed an issue that caused opening XLSX files by the CSV import plugin. Now the file will be opened by the KDMax plugin.
    • Fixed an error that caused the error reporting window to have no translated texts.
    • Label printing - information about paper size has been added in the Options window.
    • Paragraph about materials has been added to "No solution found" dialog.
    • Many other fixes and improvements.

    Old plugins will not work with this version of TonCut. Please upgrade all used plugins.

  • TonCut 7 -

    04/26/2018 07:04:48 AM
    • Piece priorities - we have changed the formula for assessing the solutions so that the results containing all the pieces with the critical and high priority are always rated higher than the others.
    • DXF export - file format has been changed to R15 (AC1015), i.e. the version supported by AutoCAD 2000-2003.
    • DXF export - non-printable layer with descriptions of pieces was added.
    • DXF export - option to export pieces and waste as rectangles has been added.
    • Label printing - added option to change margins and line spacing.
    • Results printing - visual information showing ornament has been added to the diagram.
    • Results preview - pieces with high and critical priority are marked in orange and red.

At the beginning there was the Super Glazier...

The Super Glazier emerged in 1997. Its goal was to optimize glass sheets cutting. It was popular for its simplicity, speed and efficency. Soon it turned out that not only glaziers have difficulties with cutting optimization. In that moment a problem occured: kerf – the waste caused by the cutting device.

Birth of the TonCut

After adding kerf support we came to conclusion that the application can no longer be called Super Glazier. It was transformed into a universal, multi-industry application. Thus TonCut was born and it was anno domini 2005.

TonCut today

Today TonCut is used by over 700 companies across Poland. Application is constantly being developed and gains new users. Among companies using TonCut are Scania Production Słupsk SA, FAKRO GP Sp. z o.o., WMG GROUP LTD, ProLicht Reklama sp. z o.o., Eljako-Al Sp. z o.o., NordGlass II Sp. z o.o., Kronospan HPL Sp. z o.o., Tabal S.J., ZUGIL S.A., and many others.

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