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TonCut is ment for cutting optimization of flat (2D) and long (1D) materials, such as: glass, wood, stone, metal, aluminum, plexiglass, cardboard, tubes, bars, etc.

The fastest, most efficient and easiest to use application for cutting optimization.

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Where to get computer hardware key to activate TonCut?

In order to obtain a hardware key, follow the following instructions:

  1. Run TonCut.
  2. If Activation Wizard appears, select Activate licence or Activate DEMO licence option.
  3. If the Activation Wizard does not appear, select Help » Licence keys from the menu, and then press the Activate licence or Activate DEMO licence button.
  4. In the activation window select Activate licence using a web browser or respectively Activate DEMO licence using a web browser option.
  5. Your computer's hardware key will appear at the bottom of the window. You can save it now or copy to the clipboard.
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